The Harver Group Management on Call Center World 2015

Last week was Hadi present at the three-day Call Center World event in Berlin. More than 7,500 visitors visited the stock exchange and more than 250 companies found themselves with their booths on the show floor. We describe the highlights and what us fell. What new innovations and trends there are customer contact?

Everyone is talking about

- Omnichannel is the trend you will see these elements anywhere on the stock market, it is expected that this is becoming increasingly important

- New technologies were prominent including Video Ident of arvato and the waiting app Virtual Q

- Invest in the staff gets more attention and is more often on the agenda

- Marketing is a completely different direction, the focus moves to marketing automation

- Competition in the industry is mostly still on price level but quality and innovation are also more common topics of conversation              


Arvato launched in October 2014 her new tool Video Ident: this new technology makes it possible to legitimize yourself via video chat. Three German banking institutions put the tool currently in. People can easily remotely shut down a bank account, they don't have more come along to provide proof of identity with cost and time savings as a result.

Virtual Q, the waiting app, saves time and especially money via the smartphone. The application converts consumers in a queue without the active phone line remains open. The concept is now mainly used in contact centers as well as restaurants and shops put the app in.

Nuance provides speech recognition for many companies in the world of customer contact. Virtual agents understand the problem of the customer and send him to the appropriate live agent. Nuance's speech techniques are also applied in many other sectors, for example in the new update to iOS in which a Dutch-language variant of Siri and the new ING app that you can control with your voice.

Humanify, part of TeleTech, is an application that offers consumers personal customer service. All channels and support capabilities of a company come together in the app in which consumers can easily find a solution to his problem. If this fails, he can choose through which channel he comes into contact with the right agent. Consumers can share photos and videos with the agent so as to make clear the problem faster. Fit the other industries also constantly increasing. Think of Weight Watchers where consumers easily with their coach may come into contact.

The above innovations are just a few examples of all 250 companies who were present during CCW but give you glimpse of some new and innovative trends and developments in the customer contact industry.